Climate change is a global problem, which requires global efforts.

The CORSIA is a global market-based measure designed to offset international aviation CO2 emissions. Each State participating in the CORSIA brings us closer to meeting the ICAO global aspirational goal of carbon neutral growth from 2020. Even if a State does not have aircraft operators registered in the State (and therefore no compliance cost is incurred), the State’s participation in the scheme will add those routes operated by foreign aircraft operators between the State and other participating States, thus increasing the overall emissions coverage of the scheme.

The 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly adopted Resolution A39-3 on the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), requested ICAO to provide capacity building and assistance to Member States for the implementation of CORSIA. Pursuant to this request, and in accordance with the overall plan of CORSIA preparatory activities endorsed by the Council, a series of five regional seminars were held in the following venues: Guatemala, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Egypt, South Africa and Australia.

The ICAO EUR NAT seminar was held in Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from 26 to 28 March 2018.

The regional seminar was attended by more than 100 participants representing 35 States and 8 international and regional organizations. The objective of the regional seminar was to share information on the CORSIA implementation requirements, in order for participants to have a clear understanding of the detailed procedures and required actions, as well as related responsibilities, among relevant stakeholders involved in the CORSIA implementation.

As an example, the CORSIA Action Check List for 2018 and 2019, according to the CORSIA draft SARPs, were distributed to the participants of the seminar.

Why join CORSIA?

The more States join CORSIA, and the earlier they join, the more emissions are covered, increasing the environmental integrity of the scheme.

The more emissions are covered; more units will be needed, thus increasing opportunities to invest in emissions reduction projects, particularly in developing States.

More information on CORSIA is available on the ICAO public website : environmental-protection/Pages/ market-based-measures.aspx

This article was originally written for the ICAO EUR/NAT Office’s Newsletter (Issue 3) on May 2018. A full list of their newsletters can be found here