Charting progress: milestones and collaboration in the Latin America Region


The Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC) is a specialized regional entity that is dedicated to fostering cooperation and coordination among its member states. At the forefront of LACAC’s core objectives lies the promotion of safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable civil aviation throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region. Operating within the framework of their affiliation with ICAO, they collaborate extensively with ICAO to align regional aviation practices with overarching global standards, addressing specific challenges and issues pertinent to the Latin American and Caribbean

The President of the ICAO Council and the Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recently visited Lima, Peru for the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC)’s VII Extraordinary Assembly and to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This visit, marking a significant milestone, included meetings with various local authorities in Peru and high-level representatives of the civil aviation sector in the Region and the World.

In the opening remarks of the LACAC Commemoration, the President recognized the cooperation between Latin American states, facilitated by ICAO over the past fifty years. He highlighted the promotion of connectivity in the region through a competitive environment and innovation, focusing on diversifying services and stakeholders in the Latin American aviation sector. The President addressed the outcomes of the third ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3), pointing to the global framework developed for increasing the production and deployment of clean energy. Emphasizing the role of aviation in enhancing service efficiency and integration with different stakeholders, he also underlined the importance of facilitation (customs, passport control, etc.) in the aviation sector and reminded that ICAO announced 2024 as the Year of Facilitation.

In his closing remarks, the Secretary-General of ICAO lauded the unwavering commitment of the women and men that have supported LACAC since its creation. Sharing his experiences from various groups and committees within the regional organization, he underscored the importance of LACAC in advancing safety, security, environmental protection, liberalization, and passenger rights in the region. The collaboration between LACAC and ICAO’s regional offices was also highlighted, particularly in promoting joint initiatives like the Regional Safety Oversight System (SRVSOP). The Secretary-General also acknowledged LACAC efforts in multilateral agreements in promoting open skies for cargo services, reflecting a proactive regional engagement. He raised awareness about the actions beyond CAAF/3, including the financial and technical aspects of implementing sustainable aviation fuel, and welcomed the Declaration of Lima to guide the Region in the next 10 years.

LACAC Member States

The President of the Council and the Secretary-General held meetings with Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Transport and Communications. These discussions focused on the role of ICAO in promoting sustainable aviation resilience and growth, in support of the socioeconomic development of its Member States. The officials emphasized the importance of safety, security, and efficiency in aviation, and reviewed the commitments made by ICAO Member States at CAAF/3 to reduce CO2 emissions by 5% through sustainable aviation fuel and low-carbon emission fuels in international operations, to attain the long-term aspirational goal of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

From left to right, ICAO’s Secretary General, The President of the ICAO Council, Peru’s Minister of Transport, the President of LACAC (who is also the DGCA of Uruguay), the Secretary General of LACAC and the DGCA of Peru

These meetings also pointed to the potential for cooperation between Peru and ICAO. Among other subjects, during the meeting in Foreign Affairs, ICAO addressed the coordination and work  carried out to date, as well as the next steps in updating and enhancing its passport issuing system. In discussions with the Minister of Transport and Communication, ICAO officials stressed the importance of integrating aviation sector planning into the state’s development plans. Cooperation projects carried out with the Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) and the Air Navigation Service Provider (CORPAC) were discussed, demonstrating ICAO’s ongoing commitment to the Peruvian government. They also discussed the work done in the Aeronautical Infrastructure Development Plan under a cooperation project with ICAO, scheduled to be finalized and presented by January 2024, which will provide inputs for decision-making on investment priorities and improvements in airports and navigation services. This news was enthusiastically received by the Minister of Transport and Communication. The ICAO officials extended gratitude to the state of Peru for hosting the ICAO Regional Office in Lima since its establishment 75 years ago.

The SRVSOP General Board Meeting

During this week, the SRVSOP General Board Meeting, chaired by the DG of Uruguay with the secretariat of the ICAO South American Regional Office and LACAC, reviewed the developments of the 2023 work plan and approved the activities for 2024. The first Strategic Plan for the SRVSOP was also approved for the 2024-2027 period, highlighting its mission to support its Member States in their continuous improvement of the safety oversight capabilities.

The Deputy Director General of Panama at the signing agreement to join the ICAO Assistance, Capacity Building and Training Programme for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (ACT-SAF).

On the last day of activities, Panama joined the ICAO Assistance, Capacity Building, and Training Programme for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (ACT-SAF). The Secretary General, alongside the Deputy Director of the CAA, welcomed Panama as the 8th State in the South American Region to join the programme.

During their stay in Lima, ICAO’s President and Secretary General also engaged with the South America (SAM) Regional Office team and were accompanied by the  Directors of the SAM and the North American, Central American, and Caribbean (NACC) regions, enriching their visit with diverse perspectives and discussions.

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ICAO’s South American Regional Office  has been working to achieve regional consensus in line with ICAO’s strategic objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals for more than 75 years. To learn more about our history and commitment to serving States in the Region click here.

The ICAO Council President and Secretary General with the ICAO South American Regional Office Team and the Regional Director of North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACC) Office