AQE, TEASAS and TATA: providing consultancy services in all areas of aviation



AQE (Aerospace Qualified Entity), TEASAS (Total European System Advisory Services) and TATA (Teasas Aviation Training Academy) provide a full range of consultancy services that benefit both civil aviation authorities and aviation service providers.

AQE supports approved aviation organizations in all their regulatory activities. This work includes initial  certification and approval, oversight, safety data collection and analysis,  as well as investigation and enforcement.

TEASAS  supports the aviation industry in delivering safe air travel for travellers in Europe and worldwide. They provide consultancy and training services across all aviation domains, including airport operations and management, ATM/ANS, airworthiness, flight operations and personnel licensing.

TATA specializes in delivering on-line training for both CAAs and the industry, using a unique “Smart Learning” approach.

The three companies work with highly qualified and experienced experts who served in various capacities at  ICAO, EASA, EUROCONTROL and various civil aviation authorities.

All of their services follow established best-practices and utilise the Total System Approach. This concept, on which the EU/EASA regulations are based, helps to organize and structure aviation regulations and organizations in a comprehensive, efficient and coherent way.  Specialists in the three companies have been directly involved in either the establishment of the EU/EASA regulatory structure at EASA, or in implementing the new EU/EASA regulatory framework in their State.

In addition to providing certification, safety, and security regulatory assistance and training to authorities and the industry, AQE, TEASAS and TATA also provide support to national governmental organizations in the development of new policies according to ICAO recommended practices, that address emerging technologies, such as UAVs (drones), and electric VTOL aircraft operations, and to Regional Safety Oversight Organisations (RSOO) as part of their multi-national audit functions.

AQE also offers a unique, bespoke tool-suite to support authorities in fulfilling their regulatory responsibilities effectively and efficiently, including their preparation for ICAO USOAP, Security (USOP) Audits, ICVM and CAPs. This tool-suite has been specifically designed to support the development and maintenance of aviation regulations. States and the CAAs value the way that the tools facilitate the effective and efficient harmonization and management of policies, processes, procedures and the many forms that CAAs use in their daily work.

All of their services are tailored to the particular needs and circumstances of the State, local NAA or RSOO. We recognize that national aviation systems have their own cultural and legislative systems and as such we do not promote ready-made “blue-prints” or a “one size fits all” approach.  We tailor the support to the local/regional situation, thus also ensuring that costs are minimized.