Slide Securing tomorrow’s digital skies €1 billion Shaping a safer, more secure and convenient tomorrow for self-funded research & development Watch Thales' Beyond Digital on ICAOTV 80,000+ Employees in 68 countries €19 billion in revenue Thales is a global organization with operations on all continents that serving five major markets, all of them of vital importance for our societies: aerospace, space, ground transportation, defense and security, and digital security. From the bottom of the ocean to the depth of space and cyberspace, Thales provides a unique range of technologies and services that make tomorrow possible, today. Key Figures With a digital revolution underway in all the markets that Thales serves, the Group is investing heavily in the underlying technologies of connectivity, Big Data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to help their customers improve efficiency, safety, convenience, security and economic performance.

Thales is today developing solutions for tomorrow’s data-driven, autonomous, immersive world – from autonomous vehicle control to collaborative combat systems, from connected cockpits to secure clouds and cyber-protected communications, from self-learning radars to virtual reality solutions for training and predictive maintenance.

Digital identity and security are crucial to every aspect of this new world. At every stage in their customers’ critical digital decision chain, the identity and authenticity of users must be verified with the appropriate level of assurance, almost instantaneously. In early 2019, Thales acquired the international security company, Gemalto, combining it with their existing digital assets to become a new leader in digital security, serving businesses and governments in more than 180 countries.
In the digital world of tomorrow, air traffic management will face a massive increase in the number of drones circulating in the skies. Ensuring the reliability of drones and their permission to fly in a specific area will be essential in such a context. This is the kind of challenge that Thales responds to every day, thanks to its joint expertise in the Internet of Things, digital identity verification, and radar technology. thalesgroup.com