Slide OARO uses the digital world to help clients verify the real one Secure Digital Identity platform enabling facial recognition identity verification on mobile devices and a fully contactless passenger check-in and boarding experience.
OARO is an active contributor to the ICAO Trust Framework Study Group, which is responsible for the design of new standards pertaining to digital identity and aviation cybersecurity. The company was recognized as a Top 25 Up-and-coming Tech Company by the Branham Group in the 2019 edition of the Branham300, the best-known ranking of Canada's largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies.
OARO is the leading global provider of biometric and cryptographic technologies headquartered in Halifax, Canada. Founded in 2017, their technology is revolutionizing how leading organizations authenticate and authorize the flow of their digital information.
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, OARO partnered with FLIR Systems to offer an automated, access control solution with elevated skin temperature detection for aviation and other critical infrastructure. Deployments include a major international airport and the parliament buildings of Galicia, Spain.

OARO’s aviation-specific solutions:
OARO ACCESS® OARO IDENTITY® Discover Case Application -
Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM)
The first blockchain-based physical access control system deployed at a North American airport, OARO ACCESS® is a next generation security system for restricted areas.
Discover Case Application - Saint John Airport

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