There is an International Flight Inspection Symposium taking place in South Africa next week and it is all systems go!


Held in collaboration with the International Committee for Airspace and Standards and Calibration (ICASC) and and taking place for the first time on the African continent, the biennial International Flight Inspection Symposium (IFIS) is attracting delegates with a wealth of aerospace and international expertise from the continent, Europe, the United States, and the Far East. The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is proud to host the historic event that will be held at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban from 20-24 June.

What is IFIS?

IFIS is primarily a communications mechanism that promotes a better understanding of the technologies and environmental issues that impact global flight inspection operations. This event is hailed as the perfect platform for leading aviation organizations to spread their footprint across the African continent through networking opportunities with other aviation stakeholders from across the continent.

IFIS also serves as a means to enhance the international credibility of the ICASC as the only truly representative body that coordinates and safeguards the interests of the global flight inspection community. IFIS fills a need for a credible international forum that highlights the interests of the international flight inspection community and promotes the free exchange of ideas relating to flight inspection in general. The discussions and presentations, concerning procedures, techniques, training, equipment etc., that focus on the calibration and maintenance the navigational signals and procedures, aim to promote a better understanding between the various industry stakeholders.

At this event, specialists in the flight information environment, such as system integrators and procedure designers from different states, will attend,  with academia and research organizations also represented. Among the many focal topics and speakers who will form part of conversations at the Symposium, the line-up includes:

  • Influence of New 5G Communication Interference on Flight Inspection – Mr. Rolf Seide (Germany)
  • Human Factors and CRM: Increasing efficiency and managing errors within flight inspection mission by improving non-technical skills – Ms. Andrea Gioia (Italy)
  • Reducing the risk of bird strikes for low-level Flight Operations Ms. Isabel C Metz (Switzerland), Mr. Markus Schwendener (Germany)
  • Flight Inspection crew safety and emergency procedures training -Mr. Vincent Rocchia (France)
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) – Euiho Kim (South Korea)

“We are working towards realizing the African Union Agenda 2063’s continental aviation objectives. Meeting safety and security standards is critical to the success of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM)”, said the SACAA’s Director of Civil Aviation, Ms. Poppy Khoza.  “Its significance is to provide the opportunity for Aviation and the Navigation sector participants from our continent to experience the importance of their field of work, and on how their contribution to safety fits into the world airspace integrated system. I am also proud to announce our headline event sponsors in Aerodata, Textron Aviation, Safran and Norwegian Special Mission, who have contributed immensely towards the success of this milestone first event on the African soil.”

Christo van Straaten, the IFIS 2022 Program Technical Chairman and the SACAA Senior Flight Inspector, also added: “The IFIS provides a forum to exchange highly specialized technical information dealing with aviation systems operations and their impact on flight safety.”

The discussions and presentations covering procedures, techniques, training, and equipment will focus on the calibration and maintenance of navigational signals and procedures, aimed at promoting a better understanding between the various industry stakeholders. More information about the event, including the registration process and event-related information, is available on the website here.