The Workshop on Implementing ICAO Meteorological Provisions in the Maghreb States (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) was held in Marrakech, Morocco from 11 to 12 April 2017.

This was a European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) initiative to expose the Maghreb States to provisions on meteorology as well as related regional practices such as exchanging weather information for aviation and routine volcanic ash exercises in the EUR Region.

This event was organized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Morocco, National Office of Airports and the National Meteorological Direction of Morocco in coordination with ICAO and the Chair of the Data Management Group from Météo France. Fourteen participants from 4 States (Algeria, France, Morocco and Tunisia) and ICAO participated in the workshop.

The main outcomes of the workshop included:

  • Continue efforts on making available special air-reports used in airline operators’ Safety Risk Assessments;
  • Participate in the next volcanic ash exercise in the ICAO EUR/NAT Regions;
  • Develop coordination procedures amongst Maghreb States (and possibly other adjacent States) on issuing hazardous weather information for en-route flights based on current guidance material in ICAO EUR Document 014 (EUR SIGMET and AIRMET Guide);
  • Continue developing their implementation plan to exchange weather information for aviation using the ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM);
  • And to continue to participate in EANPG activities.

This article was originally written for the ICAO EUR/NAT Office’s Newsletter (Issue 2) on October 2017. A full list of their newsletters can be found here