Blockchain & Aviation: How the Netherlands is leading the way in new security technologies


How will your fundamental rights be secured in this Digital World? Where does Photo-Morphing come into play? The Dutch Government is currently exploring the possibilities of using Blockchain Technology in government services.

At this year’s ICAO Traveller Identification Programme, Symposium, Mrs. Rhodia Maas, from the National Office for Identity Data in the Netherlands, spoke on Innovation in the Identity Domain. She explored the relevance and possibilities of Blockchain technology.


A Blockchain is one of the latest technologies that is also used for the virtual currency known as Bitcoin. Beyond Bitcoin the technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. The information can not controlled by any single entity and has no single point of failure.

Visualize a spreadsheet that is copied thousands of times across a network of computers. Now picture an automated process across the network  that constantly updates the spreadsheet. Every time a transaction, calculation or piece of information is submitted to the spreadsheet, it s re-verified and reconfirmed by many computers across the network. This spreadsheet is essentially a verifiable database that is stored in multiple locations and is confirmed by and hosted by millions of computers simultaneously.


Once information is added to the database, links are created. The links appear in encrypted ledger and can never be removed from the Blockchain. A chain can contain anything: digital identification, a contract, patent, deed of ownership, or a piece of software. Reliable Identity Data is crucial in Blockchain technology. Watch Rhodia Maas (Twitter: @Rhodia Maas) discuss how this technology can enhance the Traveller Identification Programme.