Buckinghamshire MSc in Aviation Security: Enhancing aviation security and empowering professionals


The effective delivery of aviation security is an important factor in the growth and sustainable development of the global aviation industry. As the industry continues to evolve, so will the challenges posed by ever-changing threats. Governments and others in the aviation industry are pressed to implement effective and efficient safety measures to ensure the safety and integrity of air travel. The need for innovative solutions has become paramount in navigating the complex landscape of aviation security.

To support these efforts, the role of higher education institutions in making knowledge accessible to those who serve the aviation industry has never been more important.  When enhancing aviation security, it is paramount that the workforce entrusted with the industry’s protection from acts of unlawful interference can access the necessary expertise and skills.

Delivering effective aviation security through higher education is an enabling factor in aviation’s sustainable development and growth.  Buckinghamshire New University (BNU), in partnership with ICAO, has developed a programme that offers a unique opportunity to acquire an MSc in Aviation Security.  This was the first aviation security Masters-level partnership that ICAO has undertaken with an academic institution.

Participants in this MSc will connect theory with the practical application of aviation, security and resilience in a programme that is designed and delivered by academics and practitioners from these disciplines. This provides a unique opportunity to learn both theoretical and applied perspectives and to apply a range of specialist skills to the organizations in which they, as specialists, may operate.

Based on best practices and regulatory guidance, the programme is designed to meet the needs of the aviation industry for qualified and knowledgeable aviation security professionals. It will challenge and stimulate innovative thought and new approaches to aviation security management.

The two-year distance learning programme offers participants the flexibility to learn from home while holding a full-time job.  The courses are structured to allow exit points for participants to gain accreditation from BNU at a Postgraduate Certificate level and a Postgraduate Diploma level.  Completing a research dissertation or project-based research concerning aviation security is a requirement for achieving the MSc degree.

Registration is currently open for the September 2023 intake. For more information, consult the  Buckinghamshire New University website here.