We will soon reach an incredible milestone in monitoring safety oversight performance

A message from Salvatore Sciacchitano, President of the ICAO Council


The ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) continues to be one of the most visible programmes that ICAO has launched in the last two decades. It provides critical assistance and guidance to States, and helps them to identify gaps and prioritize enhancements to their civil aviation regulatory functions and performance.

This year we will be reaching a rather incredible USOAP milestone, with the imminent planned audit of South Africa this March representing the 1,000th official activity to be completed under the programme.

This achievement, which belongs to countries themselves as much as to ICAO, provides us with an excellent opportunity to celebrate the importance of cooperation and assistance with and through ICAO, and to underscore the importance of the USOAP programme’s constant evolution to meet the changing needs of ICAO Member States in our rapidly innovating air transport environment.

I wish to take this opportunity to specifically congratulate South Africa for its strong commitment to the USOAP programme, and to ICAO compliance more generally, and to reiterate ICAO’s untiring willingness to engage with and serve its member States as we work together now towards the global safety target of zero fatalities by 2030.

Thank you.

One of the important ways ICAO promotes global aviation safety is through continuous monitoring of Member States’ aviation safety performance and the auditing of their safety oversight capabilities. These efforts enhance their aviation safety compliance and oversight capabilities by regularly and continuously obtaining and analysing data on Member States’ aviation safety performance and the degree of compliance of with Standards and Recommended Practices, as well as associated procedures, guidance material, and safety-related practices. To learn more about the programme and its recent activities, click here