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In the ever-evolving aviation landscape, shaping the skies of tomorrow is a paramount undertaking that requires collaborative efforts, innovative thinking, and a shared commitment to safety and sustainability. We need to bring together aviation leaders, experts, and stakeholders from around the globe to explore key issues and cutting-edge technologies that will define the future of air navigation. As the aviation industry rebuilds following the global pandemic and embraces the challenges of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, events provide an unparalleled platform for open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and visionary insight.

ICAO’s 2023 Air Navigation World event, which will take place from 28 – 31 August 2023 at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, will address key issues and explore cutting-edge technologies in air navigation and safety. Under the theme “Shaping the Skies of Tomorrow,” this event will gather industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to enhance innovation and resilience while ensuring the utmost priority on safety and efficiency.

Embracing the future of aviation: addressing key issues and technologies

The Air Navigation World 2023 event is dedicated to charting the course for the future of aviation, spotlighting the latest technologies and procedures that will revolutionize the aviation system. As the industry rebounds from the global pandemic, we anticipate robust growth across various aviation activities. At the same time, ICAO Member States have adopted a Long-Term Global Aspirational Goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions in international aviation by 2050. Fulfilling this ambitious goal necessitates groundbreaking technical and operational advancements that will profoundly impact policy and decision-making in the global aviation domain.

Open dialogue for a safer and more efficient aviation future

This event offers a unique platform for stakeholders from all corners of the aviation world to engage in open and constructive dialogues about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in air navigation and safety. Governments, industry representatives, and aviation experts will converge to share insights, exchange ideas, and collaboratively develop strategies that will shape a sustainable, safe, and efficient aviation future.

Key topics to be explored

ICAO’s Air Navigation World 2023 will feature a diverse range of sessions, each focusing on critical aspects of aviation’s evolution and safety. Some of the topics that will be explored include:

  • The Future of the Air Navigation System –  The information revolution, service delivery – agile systems for flexible operations and the sustainability impact of systems.
  • Evolution of Medical Certificates: Discussions on national medical certification practices for general aviation pilots and their implications for aviation safety.
  • Aerodrome Planning: Integrating new generations of aircraft, such as hydrogen-powered and electric aircraft, into airports, exploring operational and infrastructure changes.
  • Helicopter Safety: Identifying key work areas to reduce the global helicopter accident rate.
  • Performance-Based Aerodrome Operating Minima (PBOAM) – Air Traffic Management: Implications of PBOAM on air traffic management, including the impact of mixed basic and advanced aircraft operations on flow management and sequency, as well as information requirements for controllers regarding aircraft capabilities.
  • Performance-Based Aerodrome Operating Minima (PBAOM) – Operators: Exploring the implications of PBAOM on flight operations, including potential efficiency benefits and barriers to effective implementation.
  • Age Limitations: Discussions on factors to consider when determining age limitations for aviation license-holders in international civil aviation operations.
  • Upcoming Aerodrome Standards and Future Needs: Industry perspectives on proposed regulations, their advantages, and the responsibilities of various stakeholders in implementing them.
  • Aerodrome Capacity and Resilience: Examining the entire airport system’s ability to meet future demand, including airport performance management, best use of available system capacity, the need for operational measures adaptation, and preparedness to respond to major natural events.
  • Modern Approaches to Safety – Complex Socio-Technical Systems: Exploring evolving modern socio-technical systems in aviation, managing safety risks associated with increased automation and complex human system interactions.
  • Modern Approaches to Safety – Learning from What Goes Well: Gaining awareness of approaches that aim to “build in safety” into systems, technology, equipment, and procedures supporting day-to-day operations.
  • Cross-Border Transferability (XBT) – The rapid evolution of global aircraft leasing operations has made the transfer of aircraft from one State to the other more frequent and
    highlighted certain inefficiencies in a global system that was developed when leasing arrangements were not common.
  • Higher Airspace Operations – Regulators, service providers, and the industry discuss how the global community can enable operations and deliver on their needs.
  • Mental Health – Balancing personal health and aviation safety with a specific focus on the role of building trust, training, and peer support initiatives.
  • Medical Science, Patient Transport and Air Ambulance Operations – Advances in technology that provide patient care on board aircraft, including commercial aviation, emergency response and specialized air ambulance services with a focus on operational challenges and harmonization of procedures.

Join us at ICAO Air Navigation World 2023

We have invited Member States, industry experts, and stakeholders to be part of this momentous event. ICAO Air Navigation World 2023 seeks to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and propel aviation towards a safer, more sustainable, and technologically advanced future. Together,  we can shape the skies of tomorrow.

For more information and registration details, please visit the official event website here. Let’s soar to new heights together at ICAO Air Navigation World 2023!