UAS Toolkit for safe operation of drones caters to all levels of operators


ICAO will be holding a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Symposium from 17 – 18 July in Abuja, Nigeria. The event will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences in addressing RPAS operations across the African continent and Indian ocean. It will focus on identifying how existing rules need to evolve to facilitate entrance of the RPAS community into the civil aviation system. It will also examine alignment between ongoing RPAS development and supporting regulatory provisions. To learn more about the event, visit our website.  The Second Global Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium will be taking place from 19 – 21 September in Montréal, Canada. More information on that event soon.

Whether they are used for recreational purposes, to deliver emergency medical supplies to remote areas, or to examine the crevice of a mine, unmanned aircraft (UA, or drones) have risen in popularity.  In response to this growth, there is a need for a regulatory framework in order to ensure that drones are being operated safely and responsibly.

ICAO, in cooperation with industry and international expert partners, created an online UAS Toolkit. This Toolkit guides States in implementing measures for the safe operation of all unmanned aircraft systems in their airspace, while ensuring the safety of manned aircraft activities in the area.

It is aimed at assisting remote pilots regardless of their skills and experience. It serves as both a starting point for learning the basics of safe operation for the inexperienced operator, and as a source of more technical information or regulations for operators in the industrial or commercial field.

Watch the short video below to learn more: