An important reminder about wearing your seat belt in flight

Passenger on a commercial airliner buckling his seatbelt.

Significant numbers of injuries in the cabin were prevented by a flight crew’s actions in securing the cabin when informed of a forecast of severe turbulence on a 30 December 2015 flight, Canada’s Transport Safety Board (TSB) reported today.  According to the TSB’s press release:

35 minutes before entering the area of known turbulence, the first officer directed that the inflight service be stopped and that the cabin be secured. Seat belt signs were turned on, and several announcements were made in English, French and Mandarin, stating that the flight was approaching an area of turbulence and asking the passengers to fasten their seat belts. Despite these measures, many passengers were not wearing their seat belts when the flight encountered severe turbulence. During the encounter, 21 passengers were injured, one of whom sustained a serious injury.

The TSB produced this safety video to depict the event that took place on this aircraft, and the effects severe turbulence would have on passengers who are not wearing seat belts.


ICAO Standards  support the proper use of seat belts as one of the most basic and important factors in surviving an accident. Annex 6 – Operation of Aircraft indicates that seat belts must be provided for every seat on a commercial passenger aircraft.