If advancing your career is one of your priorities, this is the time to make back-to-school plans


Though maybe the new year officially starts on the first day of the year, many worldwide feel like new years are kicked off every August and September when students go back to school. It shouldn’t just be a fresh start for the next generation; going ‘back-to-school’ brings opportunities for graduates and professionals to stay ahead of the curve, broaden their knowledge base, and acquire the latest tools and techniques relevant in their fields.

Having a proactive approach to career development not only boosts one’s marketability but also opens doors to new career paths, promotions, and increased earning potential. Moreover, engaging in educational pursuits fosters personal growth, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, which are invaluable assets in any professional setting.

As new school years unfold, professionals have opportunities to seize momentum and embrace learning as a lifelong journey. By investing in their education and skill development, they can position themselves for success in their careers while nurturing a mindset of growth and adaptability. So, just like students entering classrooms with excitement and eagerness, professionals can embrace the start of the new school year as a chance to embark on a transformative journey towards professional advancement and fulfillment.

Whatever aviation field you are in, there will always be new skills you can learn that could benefit your career. Are there competencies you want to master? Do you want to build your resume? Define your work goals for the year and start working towards them. Set firm, measurable goals that you can actually track and achieve. Look into whether achieving your goals can enhance your work in your current job, and whether your organization can support you in growing your schools.

In this rapidly changing world, there are many constants. Keeping the aviation industry safe and secure is not only one of our greatest priorities, but it is an enduring asset. One way we support this at ICAO is by helping aviation professionals around the world to develop their competencies.  Our training equips and empowers current and next-generation aviation professionals with the techniques and tools to thrive in today’s challenging aviation sector.

We are sharing ICAO’s comprehensive training schedule here. This is a user-friendly,  integrated search platform that features ICAO’s portfolio of courses and higher-level educational programmes. These courses bring learners together from diverse backgrounds, facilitating relationship-building and collaboration across borders. Not only does this training help to improve skillsets, but these courses and programmes help participants connect with an international community of learners who are faced with similar challenges so that they can exchange experiences and best practices.

This portfolio provides diversified, innovative and high-quality training solutions on relevant key competencies through ICAO branding at a competitive pricing advantage, enabling greater global accessibility for States and their aviation professionals.

Embrace the thrill of acquiring new skills, the joy of expanding your network, and the satisfaction of watching your career soar to new heights.

View the full list of training competency development courses available, here