ICAO TV: We give you free access to events you can’t attend in person


When we launched our ICAO TV video platform, we wanted to create a hub for sharing the rich discussions that take place during important ICAO events. With 1200+ videos (and counting!) dedicated to aviation, this user-friendly platform is unparalleled in the industry, offering free subscriptions and a wealth of informative and engaging content. While attending events in person offers unprecedented value through direct interaction and networking, the recorded discussions that are shared on ICAO TV are a great backup plan. Through this platform, we are able to ensure the valuable insights and presentations that global aviation experts share at so many of our events are accessible to everyone.

The motivation behind ICAO TV was to consolidate all ICAO and civil aviation partners’ video content in one place, making it accessible and flexible for users. With features similar to other streaming services, you can view ad-free, unlimited programming from anywhere, anytime. The platform allows you to organize and personalize your media library by dividing content into channels based on your preferences. Additionally, ICAO TV offers great sponsorship opportunities, providing brand visibility and placement by assigning individual channels where company videos can be shared.

ICAO TV has been well-received across the aviation community, with more than 43,000 subscribers from around the world. Aviation professionals, subject-matter experts, civil aviation authorities, educational institutions, and aviation enthusiasts – this platform is made for everyone. We are excited by its growth and strive to make ICAO TV a place where we can exchange ideas, harvest innovations, share inspirational stories, stay up-to-date on the latest changes and developments, and inspire future generations of aviation professionals and leaders worldwide.

Through this platform, we continue to work to bring together the entire aviation community and contribute to the development and recovery of civil aviation. When you can’t attend events in person, ICAO TV ensures you won’t miss out on the valuable discussions and presentations that shape the future of aviation. But we’re also here when you were at the event and want to rewatch what someone said.

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