The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation Newsletter

November 2020


The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) is the first global market-based scheme that applies to a sector and complements other aviation in-sector emissions reductions efforts such as technological innovations, operational improvements and sustainable fuels to meet ICAO aspirational goal of carbon-neutral growth.

Under CORSIA, all States that have aeroplane operators that perform international flights are required to monitor, report and verify (MRV) CO2 emissions from these flights every year from 2019. In addition to annual CO2 MRV, 88 States have volunteered to participate in offsetting CO2 emissions under CORSIA from its pilot phase starting in 2021.

Two Sustainability Certification Schemes (SCSs) applied to perform the sustainability certification of CORSIA eligible fuels. Their technical evaluation was finalized and will be considered by the Council for approval. More details on this evaluation process are provided here.

The Technical Advisory Body (TAB) finalized the assessment of 10 applicants under its second assessment cycle, for consideration by the Council on CORSIA eligible emissions units. More details on the TAB work programme until the end of 2020 are provided here.

ACT-CORSIA: The Assistance, Capacity Building and Training programme on CORSIA, established in June 2018, encompasses the CORSIA Buddy Partnerships, and all ICAO outreach initiatives including sample model regulations for CORSIA, frequently asked questions (FAQs), brochures, leaflets, videos as well as CORSIA seminars/webinars and online tutorials.

ACT-CORSIA Buddy Partnerships: The core of capacity building relies on individual training of CORSIA Focal Points and involves experts from a total of 131 States. In October 2020, the United Republic of Tanzania was supported bringing the total number of supported States under Phase III to 55. More information can be found here.

The ICAO Aviation Green Recovery (AGR) Seminar will take place as an online event on 23-24 November 2020.

ICAO is organizing the upcoming Seminar to offer a holistic view of the potential opportunities for aviation to take concrete measures to reduce its emissions footprint, as it seeks to “build back better”.

The seminar will put aviation into the global climate action and highlight the ongoing work by ICAO and the aviation community towards green recovery. The event will showcase the concrete measures that are in place to promote an open and inclusive environmentally sustainable future and how aviation supports other industries reduce/avoid their CO2 emissions and cope with the environmental crisis. The short, medium and long-term policies and measures that need to be in place within and outside aviation to support the sector’s decarbonisation path and sustainable transition, will also be discussed.

Navigating CORSIA — A guide to the scheme’s design and implementation”: Prior to the AGR Seminar, the Secretariat will share information on CORSIA to help the Seminar’s participants understand better the CORSIA’s design and implementation status. This will consist of a series of pre-recorded presentations that will be published on the ICAO web site.