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A40 SkyTalks

A40 SkyTalks: Aircraft Registration Network

Watch as David Scorer, Associate Technical Officer, shares ICAO's vision to develop a network of connected State registries for manned and unmanned aircraft, intended to consolidate key information on the global fleet in order to provide…

A40 SkyTalks: Success stories from the field

In this SkyTalk, Daniel Souhami, Field Project Officer at ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Bureau, presents the work of the Bureau and its work through projects, procurement and experts assist States to build capacity for international civil…

A40 SkyTalks: Air connectivity and competition

Watch as Behzad Taghipour, Data Analyst, addresses the global air transport network and how competition has evolved with the increasing trend towards liberalization. He presents the recent ICAO study on the dynamics of air transport…