New Sky Talks: Global Aviation Training provides solutions to training challenges


ICAO’s Global Aviation Training (GAT) programme, established in 2014, is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of all ICAO aviation training activities. Their core mission is to ensure the efficient, effective and harmonized implementation of the ICAO training policies. The GAT programme is continuously identifying needs and providing solutions to Member States.

Through a survey conducted in 2015, they identified a common need of members for standardized training programmes, procedures and manuals, and a method for accurately tracking training that has been completed.

ICAO responded to these needs by developing an all-encompassing approach to training.

This approach is carried out in three parts:

1) Assessments: to identify the gaps and challenges of member organizations. As well as proposing solutions to address those gaps.

2) Training development: where ICAO helps to ensure proper instructional design methodologies are employed. Additionally, to ensure that the training materials are delivered by quality instructors, GAT offers a train the trainer program.

3) Label: provide training access, which gives trainers access to a global network of cooperative training.


Watch Mekki Lahlou, TrainAir Plus Programme Coordinator, discuss how ICAO is providing solutions to training needs worldwide:

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