Live streaming SKYTALKS on Friday: Aireon and FlightAware discuss real-time flight tracking and GADSS compliance


Join us on Friday, 25 August at 9:00AM EST for the live stream of a SkyTalks with Aireon and FightAware. Connect with ICAO on Linkedin in Facebook & Twitter

SkyTalks aims to stimulate discussions and grow the aviation community by sharing knowledge, resources and ideas.

During the A39 Assembly, ICAO embarked on a new initiative which is meant to help us bring our hosted workshops to a broader audience throughout the year. The A39 workshops launched as SkyTalks, a dynamic video experience that shares the knowledge of authoritative presenters and knowledgeable industry professionals. The format included 30-minute presentations in front of a live conference audience. The taped presentations are being edited and will be released to the public through this blog, and our associated social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals online.

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