Aviation environment: assistance and capacity building


Watch as Neil Dickson, ICAO Chief, Environmental Standards Section, explains ICAO’s role in supporting States with the implementation of CO2 mitigation measures. ICAO has recently concluded two dedicated capacity building and assistance projects in partnership with the European Union and UNDP/GEF. ICAO has also established Assistance, Capacity-building and Training on CORSIA (ACT-CORSIA), which includes various capacity-building and training activities carried out throughout the world. This SkyTalk provides an overview of ICAO’s capacity building and assistance on the environment, and concrete examples of the results.

During the A40 Assembly, ICAO will be broadcasting SkyTalks workshops that will be shared with a broader audience throughout the year. These Sky Talks share the knowledge of authoritative presenters and knowledgeable industry professionals. The format includes 30-minute presentations in front of a live conference audience. The recorded presentations are being shared with the public through this blog and our associated social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals online.