A40 SkyTalks: Information Management and Cyber-Threats


Watch as Saulo Jose Da Silva, Chief of ICAO’s Global Interoperable Systems describes the crucial, improved and trusted process for exchanging information that supports safe and efficient air operations. At the same time cyber-threats need to be reduced to keep the safety and resilience of the system at agreed levels. He is sharing  ICAO developments that relate to operational information exchanges and a trust framework for a digitally connected environment.

During the A40 Assembly, ICAO will be broadcasting SkyTalks workshops that will be shared with broader audience throughout the year. These Sky Talks share the knowledge of authoritative presenters and knowledgeable industry professionals. The format includes 30 minute presentations in-front of a live conference audience. The recorded presentations are being shared with the public through this blog and our associated social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals online.