Enhancing aviation security and safety through Directors General of Civil Aviation Programmes

High-level executive programmes for newly appointed DGCAs have been developed and delivered through partnerships that ICAO established with Singapore’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) and CAAS. To date over 210 DGCAs and senior officials from 122 States have attended the safety and security programmes which began in 2014 and 2018 respectively.


Senior aviation officials from countries around the world were welcomed to two training events at ICAO Headquarters by the Agency’s Secretary General, Dr. Fang Liu, as well as by the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Mr. Kevin Shum.

In 2017, ICAO and Singapore expanded their joint delivery of the ICAO-SAA1 Programme on Aviation Safety for Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCAs) to provide a similar programme focused on Aviation Security priorities for DGCAs.

“These programmes bring together the wide-ranging content and data which help each of you to be as effective and knowledgeable as possible when taking up your new duties,” Dr. Liu explained to the session participants. “With ICAO celebrating its 40th Assembly this year, it’s an honour to also have the opportunity to commemorate this 10th iteration of Singapore and ICAO’s joint delivery of the important DGCA Safety programme.”

Mr. Shum added, “Singapore is honoured to collaborate with ICAO in its ongoing efforts to enhance aviation leadership competencies. Through these sessions, we will strengthen national aviation safety and security frameworks globally.”

Participants from both the Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCAs) Programme on Aviation Safety and Programme on Aviation Security sessions that took place ICAO Headquarters in September 2019

During both programmes, participants receive presentations from current and former DGCAs and Deputy DGCAs, ICAO Secretariat and experts from MOT, CAAS and the aviation industry, covering a broad spectrum of topics relating to modern aviation safety and security frameworks. Practical aspects of effective implementation are also shared through case studies, group and panel discussions.

DGCA Programme on Aviation Security

The Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), the training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), began working with ICAO to develop the DGCA Programme on Aviation Security in 2017. There were 19 Senior officials from Cabo Verde, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fiji, Ghana, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Spain, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Sint Maarten (Netherlands), United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda who participated in the third session of the programme that took place at ICAO Headquarters from 21 to 22 September 2019.

The ongoing Programme will enhance leadership in aviation security. The leaders who participated are joining  ICAO and SAA in working to strengthen aviation security by focusing on risk management, international cooperation, and the sharing of best practices.

The DGCA Aviation Security partnership between Singapore and ICAO provides important support to Member States in the critical area of enhancing global aviation security.