Elevating State-of-the-Art in Avionics and the Flying Experience


The C Series cockpit was designed by pilots for pilots. All the instruments, the controls, everything was questioned and re-imagined to be intuitive and simple, ensuring a workflow that is an absolute delight.

And here’s why:

Intuitive for Increased Situational Awareness While traditionally, radio tuning has been positioned on the center pedestal, this forces pilots to take their eyes off the sky in order to communicate. On the C Series, pilots changed the legacy template and installed it on the Glareshield so they can fly looking up. But there’s more. Other features such as the auto-throttle with moving lever and the feel-force stick, provide important cues to the flying crew as well.

Simple Design for Reduced Pilot Workload and Training Paperless with a PC-like interface, navigating through the pages has never been so simple or direct. Just a click on a tab and voilà!  The Flight Management Systems (FMS) is built by phase of flight.  It’s easier than ever to navigate through it because the tasks are tabulated in a natural order.  Bombardier designed a very simple fly-by-wire system with only 2 modes: Normal and Direct.  That’s it!  There are less memory items to remember.  What’s more, the electronic checklist is organized by priority items with the cursor conveniently positioned to your next tasks. On the option side, the C Series is the only aircraft where the Head up Display is harmonized with the same symbols as Primary Flight Display (PFD).

A Hushed Environment Have you taken a good look at the nose of the C Series?  It’s smooth and profiled with no bump to stop the air from sliding – different from what is seen on legacy aircraft.  This smoothness means there are no shockwaves, which in turn, makes for a very quiet cockpit.

Whether you chose the cruise control or sport mode, on the C Series pilots appreciate the freedom of intuitive flying while enjoying breathtaking views of our beautiful planet through the large jet side window.

For more information on the C Series Aircraft, visit Bombardier’s website.


About the Contributor

This article was sponsored and prepared by Bombardier. Bombardier designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation products and services and provides solutions and training for the business, commercial and other specialized aircraft markets.