The countdown to sustainability: you can join us for this Green Airports Seminar!


The aviation industry and airports, in particular, are in a transformative era. The upcoming 2024 ICAO Green Airports Seminar will address emerging topics against the historic backdrop of Athens, Greece from 18-19 April 2024. This year’s seminar will illuminate a path to sustainable aviation, focusing on adopting and integrating Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), Lower Carbon Aviation Fuels (LCAF), and other Aviation Cleaner Energies. The event is a meeting ground and a beacon for those committed to steering the global aviation sector towards a greener future.

Diverse spectrum of green discussions

Building upon the success of its predecessors, the 2024 ICAO Green Airports Seminar will delve into many pertinent topics. Participants will gain insights into ambitious net-zero goals and strategic roadmaps that are tailored for airports. The seminar will spotlight cutting-edge innovations in airport management, emphasizing the pivotal transition to cleaner energy sources and sustainable infrastructure.

Key discussions will revolve around the deployment and distribution of cleaner aviation fuels at airports, exploring avenues for financing environmental projects, and strategies for mitigating the ecological impact of airport operations. Furthermore, the event will foster dialogues on forging partnerships that drive sustainability and measures to enhance the climate resilience of airport infrastructures.

The seminar is a platform for engaging ideas and collaborations. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear from experts, policy-makers, and industry leaders who will share knowledge, exchange perspectives, and draw inspiration from global best practices.

Engaging exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities

The 2024 ICAO Green Airports Seminar will also feature an array of exhibition booths and sponsorship options. These platforms are meticulously designed to captivate a diverse audience, ranging from industry professionals to environmental enthusiasts, all united by a common interest in aviation sustainability.

Join the green movement

This seminar is more than just an event, it is a stepping stone towards a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. We need to harmonize the advancements in aviation with the needs of our environment. The 2024 ICAO Green Airports Seminar is at the forefront of this change, we hope you will join us in Athens to play a part in shaping a sustainable future for aviation.

Save the Date! We’re taking important steps in our journey to a greener aviation sector is taking place April 18-19, 2024 at the Grand Hyatt Athens Hotel in Athens, Greece. Below you will find the schedule for the topics that will be covered.

Day 1

  • Session 1: Setting the Scene – ICAO work on climate change
    • Overview of ICAO’s latest work on Climate Change mitigation.
    • Discussions on LTAG of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and the CAAF/3 agreement.
    • Impact of LTAG and CAAF/3 agreement on Green Airports.
  • Session 2: Key Drivers for Innovation – Sustainability
    • Presentation on sustainability as a driver for innovation in aviation.
    • Latest developments in aviation technologies.
    • Discussion on reducing the carbon footprint of airports.
  • Session 3: Emerging Environmental Topics
    • Presentations on emerging environmental topics by airlines and airports.
    • Topics include circular economy, community engagement, aircraft end-of-life management, nature-based solutions, biodiversity protection, and UAMs activity.
    • Discussion on disseminating practical solutions and addressing challenges.
  • Session 4: Taking Flight Towards Climate Resilience: Building Adaptation Strategies for Airports
    • ICAO work on Climate Adaptation and Resilience.
    • Challenges and case studies of successful climate adaptation projects at airports.
    • Collaboration and partnerships for climate adaptation.

Day 2

  • Session 5: Transition to Cleaner Energy Sources and Sustainable Infrastructure
    • Overview of current energy usage in airports.
    • Presentations on cleaner energy sources like solar, wind, electric, and hydrogen.
    • Discussion on the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to cleaner energy.
  • Session 6: Era of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), Lower Carbon Aviation Fuels (LCAF) and other Aviation Cleaner Energies
    • Overview of SAF, LCAF, and other Aviation Cleaner Energies and ICAO ACT-SAF Programme.
    • Presentations on the benefits and challenges of using SAF, LCAF, and other Aviation Cleaner Energies.
    • Discussion on the role of airports in supporting the development of cleaner energies and necessary infrastructure.
  • Session 7: Financing Future Energy Hubs
    • Discussion on financing options for green airport projects.
    • Case studies of successful green airport financing.
    • Presentations on the potential for airports as energy hubs for clean energy.
  • Session 8: Building Partnerships for a Sustainable Future
    • Discussions on building partnerships for sustainability goals.
    • Examples of successful partnerships between businesses, governments, and communities.
    • Presentations on successful partnerships involving airports and other stakeholders.