The next generation of flight: join us as we navigate new mobility concepts and infrastructure

ICAO's first Advanced Air Mobility Symposium will take place in Montréal, Canada in September 2024


With aviation continuously evolving, particularly with the next generation of air transport technologies, it is important to have platforms where stakeholders can convene and collectively explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in advancing air mobility on a global scale. ICAO’s first Advanced Air Mobility Symposium (AAM 2024) will take place from September 9 to 12, 2024, in Montréal, Canada. With the theme “Advanced air mobility (AAM) global harmonization and interoperability: Challenges and opportunities,” this pivotal event can shape the future of air transport.

Building on the advancements of DRONE ENABLE, AAM 2024 will delve into various aspects of advanced air mobility, including concepts for AAM, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, vertiports, automation, trust framework, and airspace integration. The symposium will offer a multidimensional exploration of these new mobility concepts and infrastructure, inviting participants to contribute insights and perspectives.

AAM 2024 will bring together stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and international organizations involved in advanced air mobility and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). It will provide a platform for the exchange of research, best practices, lessons learned, and challenges faced in the realm of AAM. Special attention will be given to ongoing ICAO activities related to AAM and UAS, emphasizing the collective effort required to facilitate their integration into the global aviation system.

Attendees can anticipate networking opportunities, bilateral discussions, and access to a showcase of existing technologies, ongoing research and development initiatives, as well as commercial and non-commercial activities in the rapidly evolving AAM sector of the aviation industry. The programme for the event is shared below (hover/click on the bottom left arrows to navigate pages).  Exhibition booths and sponsorship opportunities are available, allowing us to cater to a diverse audience with varied interests and expertise.

Prospective participants and sponsors are encouraged to stay up-to-date by visiting the event website regularly and signing up to receive updates as they become available.  We hope you will join us at AAM 2024 as we embark on a journey towards a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future of air transport.
AAM 2024 Programme