A40 SkyTalks: Gender and aviation, what does the future hold?


Aviation, a historically male-dominated industry, is expected to grow exponentially in the next 10-15 years and there will be a labour shortage unless steps are taken to meet the resource demands of this growth. Aviation, and transport in general lag behind other sectors in regards to women entering and staying in the industry. Since only a small percentage of women currently work in the sector, gender needs to be addressed now as part of the strategic initiatives of aviation organizations. Glenda Newton, ICAO Human Resource Officer,  highlights the need for Member States to enable more women and girls to choose aviation, and for the industry to encourage women to reach for the skies.

During the A40 Assembly, ICAO will be broadcasting SkyTalks workshops that will be shared with broader audience throughout the year. These Sky Talks share the knowledge of authoritative presenters and knowledgeable industry professionals. The format includes 30 minute presentations in-front of a live conference audience. The recorded presentations are being shared with the public through this blog and our associated social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals online.