Clarification on Airspace Safety Management


In light of inaccuracies now circulating regarding the role of ICAO in the closure or restricting of global airspace, the agency wishes to clarify that under the Convention on International Civil Aviation it is ICAO Member States which are responsible for the proper coordination and publication of activities hazardous to civilian aviation arising in their territories.

Additionally, this publication by national authorities should be sufficiently far in advance of any hazard to allow all international civil aircraft to plan their routes clear of such areas. Airlines are required to conduct regular risk assessments along their route networks using all available information.

Wide-ranging ICAO standards and guidance material, for both governments and airline operators, have been updated or newly originated after the lessons learned from the MH17 accident in 2014, including in the Annexes to the Convention and other documents are listed below.

Convention Annexes amended:

Annex 6   – Operation of Aircraft, Part I – International Commercial Air Transport – Aeroplanes Annex 13 – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
Annex 15Aeronautical Information Services
Annex 17Security

Manuals and Guidance Materials which have been amended or originated:
Further Amendments planned for 2020: