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After more than a year’s work of increasing access to many of ICAO’s civil aviation datasets, we are re-releasing our improved Application Programming Interface (API) Data Service. We collect and process raw data from different aviation authorities, Member States, international organizations and NGOs. We pull this information together in reliable API data sets that cover many aviation topics from airports to aircraft, aircraft operators and manufacturers.

Formatted in CSV and JSON, the ICAO API Data Service is quickly processed, readily available and valuable to various fields of aviation. Government bodies, air traffic management (ATM) service providers, airports, airlines, data mining researchers and developers can tap into a vast array of aviation safety data metrics by using API queries or by downloading data sets through the API portal. To date, over 7,000 users have already used ICAO’s API services for their day-to-day activities using one of our plans: Booster Packs, Full Dataset Packages or Unlimited Calls. ICAO also offers a free trial with 100 free calls for every registration.

What are ICAO API Service Plans?

Booster packs are best for those with specific needs and work on any of ICAO 50+ APIs. They allow users to call each time a data point is required and come in four different sizes of up to 40k calls. Find them through ICAO’s online store

The full data-set packages are offered for those with extensive data needs and allow users to choose one API from the 50+ options in an Excel file or JSON format. As the only official source, ICAO releases many industry-trusted referencing datasets, such as ICAO Airport Codes (DOC7910 Location Indicator), Airline Codes (DOC8585 Operator 3-letter designators) and Aircraft Codes (DOC8643 Aircraft Type Designators). Users can easily access the newest information from these documents in a quickly processed format. The data sets are updated regularly through a licensing agreement that provides access to the latest data from the subscribed APIs.

Finally, unlimited calls are best for professionals who need the latest information refreshed in the system. They allow for fully, organically, integrating the APIs of your choice into your own data software to be updated at any moment without limits.

To learn more about ICAO API Data Service, click here.