October 20th – International Day of the Air Traffic Controller


The culture among air traffic controllers is that the job has to be done no matter what the circumstances and working conditions are. While equipment and systems have been introduced over the years that have helped improve efficiency and contributed to a sound and safe ATC system, the individual controller has always been a key element in the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible ATC network that exists today.

Controllers are the most flexible and adaptable element of the system and have to grow with continually evolving procedures, changing technical systems, and social and environmental constraints. The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller is an important tribute to the air traffic controller who strives each minute to give the utmost in service to the flying public, to bring you safely and efficiently to your destination.

Today we recognize the efforts, salute the accomplishments, and renew the service of air traffic controllers around the world!

The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations (IFATCA) was founded on 20 October 1961 and today represents more than fifty thousand air traffic controllers in 126 countries.