Making history one test flight at a time


Aircraft manufacturers are amongst the most innovative and dynamic companies in the world. This is part of the reason why aviation is, of course, one of the safest modes of transport in existence. But how do these corporations translate ideas into products? One of the critical steps that must be completed before a new aircraft type can enter service is rigorous testing. To give you some insight of what this actually looks like, Bombardier has provided a video overview of its Global 7000 flight test programme, which has been progressing at a rapid pace.

The aircraft, named the “Powerhouse”, is on track to enter into service in the second half of 2018. Earlier this month, the second flight test vehicle (FTV2) successfully completed its first flight, and has joined FTV1 at the Bombardier Flight Test Centre in Wichita, Kansas, primarily for power plant testing.

Francois Caza, Vice President, Product Development and Chief Engineer, Bombardier noted that they now have a flight test vehicle dedicated to testing the aircraft’s systems and pointed to the data from FTV2 that will supplement the successful results they have already obtained from test rigs, including the Integrated Systems Test and Certification Rig (ISCTR) and, from the extensive flight testing of FTV1 to date.  “We are on track with our test programme and are very pleased with the progression and performance of our flight test vehicles to date. The dedication and collaboration our teams have shown were critical in achieving this significant milestone”, he added.

Bombardier reports that the highly efficient engines on the Global 7000, coupled with the new transonic wing,  will offer an impressive smooth ride, steep approach capability and short field performance. You can watch their video below.


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