ICAO upgrades the registration system for aeronautical agreements


ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu announced the official launch of ICAO’s new web-based registration system for aeronautical agreements and arrangements (WAGMAR).

Annex 6 is available in three separate parts (International Commercial Aeroplanes, General Aviation Aeroplanes and Helicopters) in the ICAO online store.

“Countries have an obligation under the Chicago Convention to register their aeronautical agreements with ICAO so that these can be published,” Dr. Liu explained. “These can include air services and air transport agreements or arrangements for safety oversight responsibilities in the context of leasing or charter of aircraft.”

The new online WAGMAR system represents a significant leap forward in user-friendliness and functionality and should improve numerous efficiencies for aviation stakeholders. For example, States will be able to manage existing registrations, create or modify agreements and automatically communicate changes with other parties.

Additionally, WAGMAR will assist States and operators in meeting the new Standard of Annex 6 requiring all aircraft operating under an Article 83 bis agreement to carry on-board an agreement summary, effective 5 November 2020. The new registration system will allow the automatic creation of this agreement summary for all aircraft under agreements registered through the system by State focal points.

Lastly, the website will be available on the ICAO public website, providing essential registration information to States, operators, safety inspectors and the public.

“The new WAGMAR system has been developed using a scalable, state-of-the-art architecture to account for forecast capacity and adheres to ICAO’s stringent new cybersecurity requirements,” Dr. Liu underscored. “It is also integrated with the ICAO Data Network for Aviation (DNA) platform and will be of great benefit to the sector going forward.”