Live Stream: Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP)

Welcome to #icaoNGAP Live Stream.

You  can follow along and participate via Youtube, all of our streaming sessions are listed below. NGAP initiatives were launched to ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals are available to operate, manage and maintain the future international air transport system. This is critical as a large contingent of the current generation of aviation professionals will retire, access to affordable training and education is increasingly problematic, and aviation competes with other industry sectors for highly skilled professionals. The lack of harmonized competencies in some aviation disciplines and a lack of awareness by the “next generation” of the types of aviation jobs available further compounds the problem

Statistics Snapshot

  • In the next 20 years, airlines will have to add 25,000 new aircraft to the current 17,000-strong commercial fleet
  • By 2026, we will need 480,000 new technicians to maintain these aircraft and over 350,000 pilots to fly them
  • Between 2005 and 2015, 73% of the American air traffic controller population is eligible for retirement

Main Objectives

In 2009, ICAO established the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Taskforce, consisting of 29 representatives from industry, education and training providers, regulatory bodies and international organizations. Near-term objectives are to: inventory human resources planning data; identify and support initiatives to reach out to the next generation; and, find ways to harmonize training regulations. The Task Force will also support initiatives relating to the next generation of aviation professionals.

Day 1 – 27 November 2017

Opening Session – 27 November 2017 9:30-10:00

ICAO will be joined by senior officials from related organizations to provide high-level perspectives on the opportunity that improved traveller identification presents to strengthen aviation security and travel facilitation.

Welcoming Remarks

  • Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General, ICAO
  • Marie Paule Roudil, Director, New York, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


  • New ICAO Aviation Personnel Forecasts, Boubacar Djibo, Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  • Model ICAO Forum Overview, Gabriel Guppy, Vice President, Concordia Model United Nations

Session 1: Aviation careers from the young professionals’ perspective – 27 November 2017 10:30-12:00

Panel 1

The panel will present the views of young professionals working in aviation and what can be improved to attract, educate, train and retain NGAP.


  • Lori Brown, Associate Professor, Western Michigan University, United States and Chair NGAP Outreach Working Group


  • Noutchemo Simo Therese Ghislaine Fadimatou, Founder of Young African Aviation Professionals Association (YAAPA),
  • Cameroon Sophie Bascoul, Accident Investigation Officer, Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA), France and former ICAO Intern Jeeyoon Jung, Young Aviation Professional Officer (YAPP)
  • Republic of Korea Kleopas Bintoroyakti, Young Aviation Professional Officer (YAPP)
  • Indonesia Nabil Ahmed, Young Aviation Professional Officer (YAPP), Pakistan Alexandra Slabutu
  • Co-Founder & Non-Exec Member, Irish Aviation Student’s Association (IASA) and VALLAIR, Ireland

Session 2: Aviation careers from the students’ perspective – 27 November 2017 13:30-15:00

Panel 2

The panel will discuss aviation careers from the students’ perspective, including what are the biggest challenges, career aspirations and dreams.


  • Dr. Suzanne Kearns, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada and Vice-Chair NGAP Outreach Working Group


  • Rudy Egeileh, CEGEP Montmorency and 100 Laval Squadron – Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Canada
  • Andrew Osinski, Honours Science and Aviation, Earth Science Specialization, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Jenna Yee, Honours Science and Aviation, Earth Science Specialization, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Mitchell Lichocki, Electrical Engineering Student, Concordia University, Canada
  • Marios Seretis, Doctoral Candidate at Institute of Air & Space Law, McGill University, Greece
  • Chenlu Li, Air Traffic Management, Master’s Student, Civil Aviation Flight University of China, ICAO Intern, China

Special Presentation

  • Captain Shaesta Waiz Founder and President of Dreams Soar | Global solo flight for STEM

Session 3: The need for Organizations to prepare for, and adapt to, the career expectations of NGAP – 27 November 2017 15:45-17:30

Panel 3

The panel will discuss updated personnel forecasts and explore opportunities for Organizations to update Human Resources practices in order to better prepare for, understand, and adapt to the career expectations of the next generation of aviation professionals, taking into account corporate goals such as gender and diversity, and with the objective of maximizing organizational success and enhancing job satisfaction.


  • Dr. Dimitrios Dimitriou, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Athens International Airport (AIA), Greece


  • Speakers: Ananthanarayan Sainarayan, Chief, Aviation Data and Analysis Section, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  • Alejandra Cruz Ross, Transport Officer, Sectoral Policies, International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • Arielle Meloul-Wechsler, Senior Vice President, People and Culture, Air Canada, Canada
  • Anna Falth, Manager, Special Programmes, United Nations Women (UNWOMEN)
  • Ursula Wynhoven, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Representative to the United Nations
  • Rovani Sigamoney, Programme Specialist, Section for Innovation and Capacity Building in Science and Engineering, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Day 2 – 28 November 2017

Session 4: New training strategies and innovations for an evolving demographic – 28 November 2017 9:30-10:30

Panel 4

The panel will discuss learning innovations, trends and strategies to teach the next generation.


  • Moderator: Dr. Paul Bates, Head, Aviation & Logistics, University of Southern Queensland, Australia


  • Kelly de Lambert, Training Centre Manager, Airways New Zealand Training Centre, New Zealand
  • Lori Brown, Associate Professor, Western Michigan University, United States and Chair NGAP Outreach Working Group Deborah Stephenson, Workforce Development, Federal Aviation Administration, United States
  • Deborah Stephenson, Workforce Development, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United States
  • André Rebouças, Specialist in Civil Aviation Regulation, National Agency of Civil Aviation, Brazil
  • Volodymyr Isaienko, Acting Rector, Professor, National Aviation University, Kyiv (Ukraine)


Session 5: How ICAO, States, industry and academia can work together to make education accessible to students? – 28 November 2017 11:00-12:30

Panel 5

The panel will generate ‘live’ debate with the audience to share ideas and solutions to make education more accessible and to encourage more interest in aviation professions. This panel will also address how ICAO can establish a network of academic institutions to attract and educate the next generation.


  • Lynne McMullen, Director Business Development School of Aviation at Seneca College, Canada and Vice-Chair NGAP Outreach Working Group


  • Meshesha Belayneh, Chief, Global Aviation Training Office (GAT), ICAO
  • Capt. Tilmann Gabriel, Assistant Professor, University of London and Chairman/President International Pilot Training Association (IPTA), United Kingdom
  • Dr. Gary Northam, President of the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), United States
  • Capt. Carl Davis, Director, Air Crew Operations, Training Services, Boeing Global Services, United States
  • Dr. Carmen Sicilia, Associate Dean, McGill University School of Continuing Studies, Canada
  • Philippe Crebassa, Vice-President, École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, France

Session 6: The role of regulators in fostering NGAP – 28 November 2017 14:00-15:15

Panel 6

The panel will discuss the nature of the relationships between the regulator and stakeholders (i.e., training providers, industry and education providers).


  • Mary Nelson, Division Manager, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy, United States and Chair NGAP Implementation Working Group


  • Hesham Al Tenaiji , Manager ANSP Training, General Civil Aviation Authority, United Arab Emirates
  • Margareth Josephath Kyarwenda, Secretary General, Association of African Aviation Training Organizations, Ethiopia
  • Darius Lim, Acting Director (Aviation Industry), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
  • Thobile Masooa, Executive Human Resources, South African Civil Aviation Authority

Session 7: Way Forward: Developing a national NGAP strategy – 28 November 2017 15:30-17:00

Panel 7

The panel will discuss developing and implementing a national NGAP strategy.


  • Diana Dumitrache, Director General, European Aviation Institute, President, Romanian Aeronautical Association, Romania and Chair NGAP Strategy and Planning Working Group


  • Bastien Bernard, Chief Operating Officer, DSNA Services, France
  • Juan César Thomas Burgos, Director, Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation, Dominican Republic
  • Kirsten Riensema, Member of the Air Navigation Commission, United Kingdom, ICAO
  • Cédrick Lalaizon, Deputy Director, AeroPortal, Next Generation Workforce Aéro Montréal, Canada
  • Dr. Hao Liu, Director, Institute of Aviation Law and Standard and Deputy Director, National Research Center of Air Traffic Management Law and Standard, Beihang University, China
  • G.C.G.P. Dabarera, Secretary of the National Committee of NGAP Sri Lanka Programme & National Coordinator, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka


Result of Model ICAO Forum & Closing Remarks – 28 November 2017 17:00-17:30

Result of Model ICAO Forum

  • Dr. Fang Liu, Hand-out of Prizes for Model ICAO Forum
  • Andrei Bochis, President of Special Projects, Concordia Model United Nations

Closing Remarks

  • Stephen P. Creamer, Director, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO