SKYLIVE: Bringing ICAO events to those who can’t get to them

Since 1944 ICAO has been working with the Convention’s Member States and industry groups to reach consensus on international civil aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and policies that support the safe, efficient, secure, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible civil aviation sector.

These SARPs and policies are used by ICAO’s 193 Member States to ensure that their local civil aviation operations and regulations conform to global norms so that more than 100,000 daily flights in aviation’s global network can operate safely and reliably in every region of the world.

There are many ways we achieve this. In addition to resolving consensus-driven SARPs and policies, we coordinate assistance and capacity building for States. We produce global strategies and monitor air transport performance metrics. And we audit State oversight capabilities in the areas of safety and security (among many other things).

One of the very important “other things” we do involves bringing together policy and decision makers from States, stakeholders, regional and industry organizations and other partners at ICAO events. By encouraging stakeholders to work closely with ICAO and each other, we are ensuring States are aware of critical needs and the latest developments. By sharing information and best practices we can help States determine their needs and identify solutions and maximize benefits.

Every year we host events that support our global priorities in the areas of Aviation Safety; Air Navigation Capacity Building and Efficiencies, Security and Facilitation, Economic Development and Environmental Protection.

While it isn’t possible for participants from every corner of the world to attend these events, we have been taking steps to bring the discussions and presentations that are taking place at specific events, to audiences around the world.

We recently launched SkyLive, ICAO’s official, event live-streaming service. This is our way of supporting ICAO’s mandate to ensure No Country is Left Behind. We hope to offer SkyLive streaming for some featured events taking place this year:

  • The Environment Symposium:  The theme for ICAO’s Fifth ICAO Symposium on the Environment that is taking place from 14 to 16 May 2019,  is”Destination Green: The Next Chapter”. The event will present opportunities to gain knowledge and share information on key areas of ICAO’s environmental protection activities, leading up to the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly.
  • The 15th Traveller Identification Programme Symposium:  The key point of the ICAO TRIP Strategy highlights the recognized need for a holistic and integrated approach to traveller identification management. The theme of this year’s Symposium (25 to 27 June 2019), will focus on how to Bridge the Physical-Digital Document Divide.
  • AVSEC Symposium: ICAO will convene its Third Global Aviation Security Symposium (AVSEC2019) at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada, from 18 to 20 September 2019.
  • Third UAS Drone Enable Symposium: This 12 to 14 November 2019 Symposium will bring together participants from government, industry, academia, and international organizations who are active in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange research, best practices, lessons learned and respective challenges. Attention will be given to complex issues related to the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and UAS traffic management (UTM). The aircraft registry network, which ICAO has spearheaded, will be described including its purpose, intended functionality and interaction with national registry systems.


It doesn’t cost anything to subscribe to this service, and by subscribing to the events that interest you, we can send session reminders and provide important event updates. Another positive: you don’t have to worry about catching every presentation live – we can send you the YouTube playlist for the events so you can catch up when your schedule works for you.