On World Television Day: the connections ICAO TV brings to the global aviation community

Television has undergone significant evolution in the 21st century, surpassing its traditional function as a one-way channel for broadcast and cable content. It continues to be the single largest source of video consumption. In the modern era, television has transformed into a multifaceted communication tool, providing an extensive array of multimedia and interactive content. Such content includes videos, music, and internet browsing.

Despite the proliferation of various platforms and the continuous evolution of technology, television remains a vital source of information and presents a great opportunity to raise awareness about the important issues facing our communities and our planet.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recently pointed to the importance of television in fostering global awareness and understanding. To commemorate the significance of this medium, the United Nations (UN) established World Television Day on November 21. This annual observance not only pays homage to the device itself but acknowledges television as a symbol of communication and globalization around the world.

ICAO has embraced the power of television through its dedicated platform, ICAO TV. ICAO TV was launched to enhance connection and knowledge and now serves as a hub for live and on-demand aviation content. The platform features videos containing the latest information and insights from ICAO experts, Member States, and the international civil aviation community.

Our video platform covers a variety of topics, including environmental protection, safety, capacity and efficiencies, economic development, and more. By showing important work and initiatives, ICAO TV hopes to educate and empower aviation professionals. The platform provides access to updates and knowledge shared at ICAO events and webinars on courses to elevate the skills and competencies of aviation individuals.

Television provides a global platform for freedom of expression and cultural diversity through its reach and resonance. It fosters learning and curiosity and encourages individuals to explore beyond their living rooms. Moreover, television contributes to a broader understanding of diverse cultures and promotes tolerance and knowledge of international issues the world is currently facing.

Television’s impact extends beyond entertainment; it serves as an effective communication tool for climate action, social issues, and humanitarian aid. ICAO TV, for instance, actively engages with society through events and conferences, such as the Global Aviation Gender Summit, Traveller Identification Programme, and the upcoming Third ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels.

As we celebrate World Television Day, let us acknowledge and appreciate the role television plays in connecting the world, fostering awareness, and contributing to positive global change. In an era of constant technological advancement, television remains a powerful driver of communication and change.


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