It is a time for making new year’s resolutions; is advancing your career on your list?

This has always been the best time of year to make plans. We have learned so many lessons as we navigated our way through the pandemic, but perhaps one of the biggest reminders, when so much came to a halt, was just how fast time passes.  We often talk about the things we want to do, but then another year goes by, and then another…

It’s great to make resolutions; they give us something to look forward to in a new year. The challenge with making them is when they are too open-ended that they are impossible to measure.

This year, look at your career and set some firm, measurable goals that you can actually track and achieve. No matter what aviation field you are in, there are hundreds of new skills you can learn that could benefit your career.

Are there competencies you want to master? Do you want to build your resume? Set your work goals for the year and start working towards them. You won’t regret it. If achieving your goals can enhance your work in your current job, your company might even be willing to pay for it.

In this rapidly changing world, there are many constants. Keeping the aviation industry safe and secure is not only one of our greatest priorities, but it is an enduring asset. One way we support this at ICAO is by helping aviation professionals around the world to develop their competencies.  Our training equips and empowers current and next-generation aviation professionals with the techniques and tools to thrive in today’s challenging aviation sector.

We are sharing ICAO’s comprehensive training schedule for 2023, below. We have also included links to our user-friendly,  integrated search platform that features ICAO’s portfolio of courses and higher-level educational programmes. These courses bring learners together from diverse backgrounds, facilitating relationship-building and collaboration across borders. Not only does this training help to improve skillsets, but these courses and programmes help participants connect with an international community of learners who are faced with similar challenges so that they can exchange experiences and best practices.

This portfolio provides diversified, innovative and high-quality training solutions on relevant key competencies through ICAO branding at a competitive pricing advantage, enabling greater global accessibility for States and their aviation professionals.

Make plans today so that a year from now you won’t be wishing you started today, you’ll have crossed this off your bucket list.


Course Dates Location
ACI – ICAO Aerodrome Certification: Virtual Classroom 8 – 12 May, 2023 Virtual
ACI – ICAO Implementing Annex 14: Advanced Aerodrome Design and Operations (AADO) 15 – 19 May, 2023 Montreal, Canada
Airport Wildlife Management 15 – 17 May, 2023 Bangkok, Thailand
Airport Wildlife Operations 18 – 19 May, 2023 Bangkok, Thailand

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Course Dates Location

Data-Centric Aeronautical Information System Operations (AIS OPS): Virtual Classroom
20 – 24 Feb, 2023 Virtual
Aeronautical Information Quality Management (AIQM EN): Virtual Classroom 6 – 7 Mar, 2023 Virtual

View the full list air navigation services training available, here

Course Dates Location
Droit Aérien International (IAL FR): Classe Virtuelle 23 – 27 Jan, 2023 Virtual
International Air Law (IAL EN): Virtual Classroom 20 – 24 Mar, 2023 Virtual
Derecho Aeronáutico Internacional (IAL SP): Impartición Virtual 22 – 26 May, 2023 Virtual

View the full list of law training available, here

Course Dates Location
Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs (MCIS EN) 6 – 10 Mar, 2023 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Gestion de la conformité aux SARPs de l’OACI (MCIS FR) 13 – 17 Mar, 2023 Yaounde, Cameroon
Gestión del cumplimiento de los SARPS de la OACI (MCIS SP): Impartición Virtual 17 – 21 Apr, 2023 Virtual

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Course Dates Location
CORSIA Verification (CORSIA EN) 3 – 5 Apr, 2023 Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
CORSIA Verification (CORSIA EN): Virtual Classroom 15 – 18 May, 2023 Virtual

View the full list of environment training courses available. here

Course Dates Location
Traveler Identification Programme (TRIP) Strategy 13 – 17 Mar, 2023 Paris, France
Anexo 9 de la OACI – Facilitación (FAL SP): Impartición Virtual 20 – 24 Mar, 2023 Virtual
ICAO Annex 9 – Facilitation (FAL EN): Virtual Classroom 21 – 24 Mar, 2023 Virtual

Assistance to Aircraft Accident Victims and their Families (AAAVF EN)
17 – 20 Apr, 2023 Paris, France

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Course Dates Location
Safety Risk Management Fundamentals (SRMF EN): Virtual Classroom 19-Jan-23 Virtual
Aviation Data-driven Decision Making (AD3M EN): Virtual Classroom 23 – 27 Jan, 2023 Virtual
Programa Estatal de Seguridad Operacional (SSP SP): Impartición Virtual 23 – 30 Jan, 2023 Virtual
ICAO Health Safety Protocols for Practitioners (HSPxP): Virtual Classroom 23 – 26 Jan, 2023 Virtual

View the full list of flight safety and safety management training available, here

Course Dates Location
Foundations of Aviation Cybersecurity Leadership and Technical Management: Virtual Classroom 17 – 31 Jan, 2023 Virtual
Introduction to Security Culture: Virtual Classroom 8 – 9 Mar, 2023 Virtual
ACI – ICAO Management of Airport Security 3 – 7 Apr, 2023 Montreal, Canada

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Course Dates Location
Virtual Classroom Instruction (VCI EN): Virtual Classroom 19-Jan-23 Virtual
Curso de preparadores de instrucción (TDC SP): Impartición virtual 23 Jan – 3 Feb, 2023 Virtual
Training Instructors Course (TIC) Part 2 23 – 27 Jan, 2023 Paris, France
CAA Approval of Training Organizations 30 Jan – 3 Feb, 2023 Agadir, Morocco

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