ICAO’s Secretary General welcomes this announcement by Solar Impulse

The announcement by Solar Impulse that it has achieved its “#Beyond1000Solutions” ambition was welcomed by the Secretary General of ICAO, Dr. Fang Liu. The Solar Impulse Foundation identified efficient solutions as a means for addressing sustainability challenges and enabling economic growth. The Foundation then organized these solutions in a way that gave decision-makers the tools to adopt ambitious energy and environmental policies, and helped them to set a roadmap to reach their environmental objectives.

“The identification of 1000 clean and profitable solutions to tackle the climate crisis by Solar Impulse highlights the real and pragmatic innovation that is being developed and implemented today,” Dr. Liu said. “Ensuring global recognition of the role technology must play in ensuring a green recovery for the aviation sector is an area of key focus for ICAO as the UN’s specialized agency for civil aviation, with our own tracking initiatives being of significant importance in this regard.”

The Secretary General also noted the relevance of the Solar Impulse initiative to the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation, which provides a platform to facilitate collaboration with ICAO toward accelerating the adoption of the latest innovations in technology, operations, and fuels that will lead the way to a sustainable future for international aviation.

The Coalition is a forum of stakeholders that aims at facilitating the development of new concepts and accelerating the implementation of innovative solutions, which will further reduce in-sector greenhouse gas emissions, on the ground or in the sky. The Solar Impulse Foundation is a key stakeholder in the ICAO Coalition. All stakeholders are invited to join this movement, in order to share their latest innovations and ambition for tackling climate change.

The milestone passed this week also reflects the momentum of discussions at ICAO’s Stocktaking events, at which governmental, business, academic and public interest groups present the latest achievements and opportunities in green aviation. ICAO is ramping up the momentum toward the next edition of the Stocktaking (#ICAOStocktaking)  by providing a series of monthly #SustainableAviation specialized webinar on innovations ranging from electrification and battery technology, Hydrogen power, synthetic aviation fuels, urban air mobility, and the infrastructure needed to facilitate the sustainable development of aviation.


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