A message from ICAO’s EURNAT Regional Director

The EURNAT Regional Office is accredited to 56 States across, the North Atlantic, Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia. In addition, it has special arrangements with 2 North American States (Canada and United States) that closely collaborate with the EURNAT Regional Office, especially on matters related to the North Atlantic.

Our 4-pillar strategic approach is:

  • State-centered addressing States’ evolving situations and needs
  • Risk based addressing key risks and progressing towards integrated risk management as appropriate
  • Result oriented with a view to enhancing effectiveness, sustainability and resilience
  • Collaborativeenhancing coordination, cooperation and promoting synergies with all stakeholders, especially regional organizations

The EUR/NAT Regional Office has faced a continuous myriad of situations and challenges linked to geopolitical, economic and cultural diversity, varying levels of maturity in national civil aviation systems and other operational considerations.

As the key forum for all EUR/NAT Member States, it has a crucial responsibility for coordination, planning, monitoring and implementation support. It continuously promotes collaboration and harmonization on issues facing international civil aviation, in close collaboration with Member States, regional organizations, the aviation industry, sister United Nations organizations and other stakeholders.

Turning challenges into opportunities, the EUR/NAT Regional Office has upgraded its strategic approach, moving into an even more collaborative, State-centred, risk-based and result-oriented approach. Benefitting from the experience, expertise and commitment of its staff, the Regional Office acts to better understand and address the evolving situations and priority needs of States and the aviation industry in the region.

The objective of the EUR/NAT Regional Office is to help enhance States’ aviation capabilities in the most effective, efficient, sustainable and resilient manner. The focus is on developing and implementing innovative ways of leveraging strengths and resources from Member States and stakeholders. By doing so, the Regional Office helps respond to a rapidly evolving aviation system, supporting States and industry in recovering from the devastating effects of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and building back stronger and greener.”

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With a geographical area of responsibility stretching from the North Pole to the Sahara and from the Eastern Coast of North America to the Bering Strait (i.e. across 14 time zones), the EUR/NAT Office is faced with a wide variety of geopolitical diversity, airspace features and operational challenges. Nevertheless, thanks to the outstanding contributions from States, International and Regional Organizations, and the aviation industry, the EUR/NAT Office is able to serve as the regional forum where harmonized and timely aviation planning and implementation activities are discussed and agreed upon for both the North Atlantic and European regions of ICAO.










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