ICAO and INTERPOL renewing counter-terrorism cooperation

INTERPOL, with its 190 Member States, is the world’s largest international police organization. It has the mandate to facilitate cross-border police cooperation and support the organizations that fight international crime.

As the nature of global crime evolves, protecting borders is recognized at INTERPOL as being essential to preserving national security. Effective border management is seen as a fundamental tool for combating transnational crime, with travel document inspection and passenger screening forming a key component of effective border controls.

ICAO and INTERPOL have renewed their cooperation on preventing travel by foreign terrorist fighters following the 28 June 2017 bilateral meeting between the two international organizations’ Secretaries General, Dr. Fang Liu and Mr. Jürgen Stock, respectively.

During her visit to Lyon, France, Dr. Liu also met with INTERPOL’s President, Mr. Meng Hongwei, and its Director (Operational Support and Analysis) Mr. Mick O’Connell. She also had an opportunity to review INTERPOL’s border database operations.

The Secretaries General of ICAO and Interpol, Dr. Fang Liu (centre) and Mr. Jürgen Stock (second from left) at the occasion of a bilateral meeting that took place on 28 June 2017 at INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon, France.

The initiative will result in an update of ICAO’s MoU with INTERPOL and the establishment of a roadmap strengthening cooperation between both Organizations.

Dr. Liu was accompanied in Lyon by ICAO’s Regional Director for Europe and the North Atlantic, Mr. Luis Fonseca de Almeida, and Deputy Director for Aviation Security and Facilitation, Mr. Sylvain Lefoyer.

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