ICAO and the IOM: Enhancing effective border control and migration management in Africa

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are working together to help States achieve sustainable improvements in the field of travel facilitation and security of travel documents, efforts that include related identity management challenges.

These priorities are highly relevant elements of an efficient and effective border control and migration management system. To support these goals a joint training session on travel document examination was conducted by ICAO and the IOM from 31 July to 4 August 2017, at the IOM African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC) located in Moshi, Tanzania.

The training, consisted of two parts: the ICAO Training Package entitled Control of the authenticity and validity of travel document at airport borders – Level 1, and the IOM modules pertaining to the Second Edition of the Passport Examination Procedure Manual (PEPM), published in 2017, and on biometrics.

IOM ACBC staff member, Nelson Goncalves, delivering session on ACBC Passport Examination Procedure Manual II (PEPMII) and biometrics


Participation drew representatives from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, specifically from their respective ministries and agencies responsible for border control management, including airport authority, customs, immigration, police and transport. These officials were provided with the opportunity to enhance their skills to effectively perform travel document examination and traveller risk assessment in order to expedite the movements of legitimate travellers while intercepting high-risk individuals.

The joint ICAO-IOM Tanzania training mission was made possible through voluntary funding from the Government of Saudi Arabia, earmarked to support the ICAO Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Security and Facilitation in Africa (AFI SECFAL PLAN).

Two further courses in Africa are now planned under this Saudi funding framework,  you can visit the ICAO website for more information on the related ICAO Training Package.


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