How can a national aviation safety plan empower states and improve safety performance?

The dynamic nature of the aviation industry poses significant challenges for States as they strive to achieve their safety, security, and sustainability goals. To assist in this effort, ICAO has introduced Implementation Packages (iPacks).  iPacks have been designed to address States’ capacity challenges by providing the tools and expert support that is needed for the effective implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), where measuring safety, along with establishing safety objectives, can be challenging.

With this in mind, ICAO now offers a new National Aviation Safety Plan Implementation Package (iPack). Building on the success of the popular, development focused NASP iPack, this new addition to the the ICAO catalog of products and services will guide States in defining a process for measuring safety performance.  This is critical to the advancement of national aviation safety plan (NASP) activities, including the ability to assess their implementation and effectiveness.

This iPack includes relevant documentation, tools, and an online course to help States achieve their safety objectives.  iPack recipients also benefit from the services of a dedicated subject matter expert who works remotely with the CAA to guidetheir implementation efforts.

The goal of this iPack is to assist States that have developed a NASP to better measure safety performance, monitor the implementation of the NASP, and to quantify its effectiveness. iPack recipients will benefit from the following products and services:

  1. Expert consultation:A dedicated subject matter for a duration of 20 workdays over a period of three months will provide remote technical assistance to achieve the objectives outlined by iPack.
  2. Training:An online course, serving 12 participants, for a duration of five hours.
  3. Guidance materials:This iPack will give entities access to relevant ICAO Annexes and guidance materials.
  4. Tools:This iPack contains a specialized toolkit to assist in monitoring the implementation of the NASP. These tools include a Secure Portal on Operational Safety Risks and Emerging Issues and a trio of ICAO standardized frameworks for identifying organizational challenges, high-risk categories of occurrences and the development of goals, targets, and indicators in aviation safety plans. Entities will also gain access to the NASP indicator form, online community, and GASP dashboard.

We also offer the Monitoring Implementation of the National Aviation Safety Plan training package. The self-paced training is taught in English and divided into five courses. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to monitor the implementation of the National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP) by understanding the process of Safety Performance Measurement (SPM) and effectively utilizing ICAO guidance material and resources. Please note that your access to this course is limited to 3 months, starting from your registration date.

States that successfully deploy this iPack will realize a host of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Determine national high-risk categories of occurrences (N-HRCs) and organizational challenges using standardized frameworks.
  • Measure safety performance to monitor the implementation of the NASP using multiple sources of information.
  • Assess the NASP’s actual effectiveness in terms of improving safety at the national level.
  • Periodically monitor the implementation of safety enhancement initiatives (SEIs) to ensure actions are being accomplished, ensuring they are effective and that any difficulties in implementation are addressed.
  • Identify factors that require a re-evaluation of the NASP content to ensure its continued relevance; and to identify other SEIs the State may need to manage.
  • Establish a maintenance process for the ongoing coordination and monitoring of the updates to the NASP and its SEIs.
  • Through the implementation of a National Aviation Safety Plan, CAAs will work towards safeguarding air travel. This comprehensive package, underpinned by expert consultation, training, guidance materials, and advanced tools, will equip CAAs to measure safety performance and implementation.

To learn more about this iPack, State or regional entities and industry organizations can submit an expression of interest online form to receive more information on the benefits and deployment process. For further information, you can also visit our dedicated webpage on the official ICAO website or watch the iPacks webinar on ICAO TV.


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