SKY TALKS: Manuel Caballero – Environmental Protection Market Based Measures

Environmental Protection will always be an important ICAO Strategic Objective. ICAO has been working in this area since the late 1960s, first focusing on the establishment of international policies and standards related to aircraft noise, but gradually expanding to other subject areas such as local air quality and subsequently climate change.

Based on recent figures from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), aviation (domestic and international) accounts for approximately 2 per cent of global CO2 emissions produced by human activity; international aviation is responsible for approximately 1.3 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

Though significant technological progress has been made in the aviation sector since the 1960s and aircraft produced today are about 80 per cent more fuel efficient per passenger kilometer,  aviation emissions are forecasted to grow in the coming decades, as the projected annual improvements in aircraft fuel efficiency of around 1 to 2 per cent are largely surpassed by forecasted traffic growth of around 5 per cent per year. Read More…

Watch Manuel Caballero discuss environmental protection and the role of Market Based Measures:

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