The latest ICAO Air Transport Monthly Monitor Update

The aviation industry serves as a vital catalyst for global socio-economic growth, driving employment, tourism, international trade, and investment. In this fast-paced sector, informed decision-making is paramount. Having access to reliable data is essential for making informed decisions, controlling costs, mitigating risks, and benchmarking performance. For more than a decade, we have been sharing access to snapshots and analysis of economic and aviation indicators through the ICAO Monthly Monitor. This year, we launched an enhanced ICAO Monthly Monitor tool that provides stakeholders who are navigating the complexities of the aviation landscape with added features to access these data.

Among the many benefits and values of using this new Monthly Monitor:

  • Comprehensive reporting: Get a detailed overview of the most recent aviation traffic trends, empowering stakeholders with actionable insights.
  • Large scope: Catering to all aviation stakeholders, from airlines and airports to air navigation service providers and States, the ICAO Monthly Monitor offers a broad perspective.
  • Granular insights: Dive deep into the latest traffic trends, whether it’s by specific airlines, airports, States, or air navigation service providers, providing a nuanced understanding of the industry landscape.
  • Monthly updates: Stay ahead of the curve with monthly updates reflecting the previous month’s traffic, ensuring stakeholders have access to the latest trends and developments.
  • Artifical intelligence and machine learning: Utilize advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for short-term projections, offering forecasts for the next quarter.
  • Customizable solutions: Tailor the ICAO Monthly Monitor to meet specific needs, whether it’s focusing on a particular region or type of traffic, providing flexibility for diverse stakeholders.
  • Unified platform: Access a unique product that consolidates traffic trends of all aviation stakeholders in one page, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
  • Dynamic visualization: Experience a dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly platform thanks to advanced analytics and visualization powered by Tableau Software, making data interpretation seamless.
  • Diverse users: From States and air navigation service providers to airlines, airports, consulting firms, development banks, and beyond, the ICAO Monthly Monitor caters to a wide range of users across aviation’s ecosystem.


To access the latest data in the Monthly Monitor tool, click on the image above. We’re sharing more useful links below.

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  • For any queries or further information, please contact the Economic Development (ECD) unit in the Air Transport Bureau (ATB) here.

The UN recognized ICAO as the central agency responsible for the collection, analysis, publication, standardization, improvement, and dissemination of statistics pertaining to civil aviation. Because of our status as a UN-specialized agency, ICAO remains independent from outside influences and is committed to consistently offering comprehensive and objective data.


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