There is training out there that can help you grow your skills, this is how you access it

In this rapidly changing world, there are many constants. Keeping the aviation industry safe and secure is not only one of our greatest priorities, but it is an enduring asset. One of the ways we support this is by helping aviation professionals around the world develop their competencies.  ICAO training equips and empowers the current, and next-generation, aviation professionals with the techniques and tools to thrive – and excel – in today’s challenging aviation sector.

We have a cooperative network of training organizations and industry partners who work together to develop and deliver ICAO-recognized training. The collection has to be wide-ranging. Our training portfolio includes 400+ courses (it is a collection that is continuously growing) that cover specializations under the following training areas:

  • Aerodromes
  • Air Transport
  • Training Competency Development
  • Environment
  • Aviation Management
  • Air Navigation Services
  • Flight Safety and Safety Management
  • Security
  • Facilitation
  • Aviation Law

These courses bring learners together from diverse backgrounds and facilitate relationship building and collaboration across borders. Not only does our training help to improve skillsets, but these courses and programmes help participants connect with an international community of learners who are faced with similar challenges so that they can exchange experiences and best practices.

You can access the calendar for our comprehensive training schedule here. Our training catalogue is a user-friendly, integrated search mechanism that features ICAO’s portfolio of courses and higher-level educational programmes. This portfolio provides students with diversified, innovative and high-quality training solutions for key competencies through ICAO. We recently launched ICAO’s Training Newsletter to allow us to share training news and highlight course offerings as they become available. Whether you are an expert in your field who wants to transition your career, a professional who wants to enhance your skills or you are just beginning your career – we want you to know the training that exists that can help you achieve your goals. By signing up to receive this newsletter below you will be able to customize and receive updates on the training areas that matter to you.

Reconnecting the world is a very big priority right now but so is building capacity. Continued learning and the recognition that comes with it, will help individuals and the industry to maintain and develop personnel competencies, and it helps us ensure awareness of the latest ICAO provisions.



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