Advancing aviation through social enterprise

CAA International (CAAi), the technical cooperation arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA), is taking steps to assist ICAO in ensuring No Country is Left Behind. The campaign highlights ICAO efforts to assist States with the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and to ensure that SARP implementation is harmonized around the world so that all States have access to safe, reliable air transport. As part of this initiative, ICAO provides direct assistance to developing countries to help generate the will needed to pool resources, participate in regional efforts, earmark voluntary funds, and to build capacities.

CAAi is supporting this important work. As part of the newly formed CAA International Group, CAAi is now a registered UK Social Enterprise, and has committed to invest its profits back into the global aviation community, to fund aviation regulatory improvement programmes that make the biggest positive impact on aviation.  Social enterprises are business set up to change the world. Like traditional businesses, they aim to make a profit, but it’s what they do with that profit that sets them apart – reinvesting or donating it to creative positive social change.



Maria Rueda, Managing Director for CAAi said, “A lot has changed in aviation since CAAi’s inception over ten years ago. With more flights than ever leaving the UK and passenger demand expected to double over the next 20 years, it was important that CAAi evolved in order to make the biggest positive impact to global aviation. Becoming a social enterprise was the logical next step in our journey of raising aviation standards across the world”.

Matthew Margesson, Head of International Development for CAAi said, “It’s business as usual for CAAi, but with one key difference – our new profit-for-a-purpose business model. From today, a substantial proportion of our profits will be reinvested to deliver aviation improvement programmes and training across the world – and where it is needed most, benefiting people everywhere; those who choose to fly and those who do not”.

CAAi is already planning major investment in training scholarships for overseas aviation regulatory personnel, in partnership with ICAO. “Investing in the aviation leaders of tomorrow is crucial for a safe and secure future global aviation network”, Margesson explained. “With over 80 countries still below the global average of effective implementation of international aviation regulatory standards, CAAi is now much better placed to support ICAO’s No Country Left Behind initiative, EASA, other Agencies and State Authorities, working hand-in-hand to improve international aviation compliance across the world, protecting the travelling public from the UK and beyond”.

To mark the occasion, CAAi has also launched a new brand and website, to better reflect its CAA heritage and the collective spirit of raising aviation standards across the globe.


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